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Well Technology


Water well system construction techniques have made considerable advances in the last ten years. With the use of water well ground water systems, both residential and commercial users have realized the benefits of having their own water supply system. These systems have proven to be a cost efficient alternative to public water services.

Water well systems provide the following benefits:

Water that is both safe and palatable to the customer
Provides enough water to meet the demands of the customer
Provides water at a cost efficient alternative to town water
Use of water during summer town water restriction periods

Water well systems

Types of Well Systems:

Water Table Well Systems

The water table well is generally a more shallow type of water well. A water table well is drilled deep enough so as to penetrate ground water that has accumulated below the surface from rainwater that has percolated below. In New England, ground water table aquifers occur in formations in sand and gravel. This ground water is an normally excellent source of water as it has been filtered by natural formations.

Artesian Well Systems
An artesian well is generally a deeper type of water well drilled into rock or slate. When water is confined by a layer of overlapping impermeable formation such as rock or slate so that the water is under pressure greater  than atmospheric pressure, the water is said to be under artesian pressure.  In Massachusetts, the term artesian well is commonly called bedrock well. These types of well generally supply water of exceptionable quality.
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