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Right from the beginning KANNAN BORE WELLS started its operation by Pneumatic Rig to the latest High-pressure, Super fast, Hydraulic Rig both on surface and in well by 4 ½ ", 6", 6 ½ ", 8", 10"&  12" bore wells. 4 ½ " Tube wells were drilled in open wells.6 ½ " drilling is the common drilling size in Karnataka. The 8", 10", 12" are dug in Northern India like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat  & in Coastal areas. Our Unique right in time and on sight service allows to leverages local competencies and to offer global competitiveness to our customers. We offer our service round the clock 24x7.

First In India

KANNANBOREWELLS first time in India  introduced the latest concept in tube well drilling technology by acquiring DUALROTARY RIG-DR24. A RIG that completes one gravel filter packed tube well 2200 deep 24" to 12" dia in kandil Bouldary area in comparison to 3-4 months for 1000 feet deep by percussion RIG.


MR.N.KANNAN KUMAR is the chairman of the company, his son's MR.N.K.SUKUMAR (CEO) and MR.N.K.HARIKUMAR (CFO). The two are having very good experience and knowledge  in the field of drilling water well's and installation of pump's. Our chairman has drilled water well's in Karnataka, Tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh, M.P, Chattisgarh, Goa, Rajasthan, Haryana, Bihar and Orissa. He has not only drilled water wells in India but also in Overseas like Australia, Argentina, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Audan and Oman. He has also traveled world wide regarding water well drilling his helping personality has helped millions of people in this field.

MR.N.K.SUKUMAR (CEO) of the company has very vast experience in water well drilling mainly in south India  especially in Karnataka. He is the authority in water well drilling in Karnataka who can advice on the best in this field.
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Kannan Borewells
Kannan Borewells
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