Kannan Borewells
Kannan BorewellsKannan Borewells

Our Experience

The company which has three decades of experience in drilling activity since 1971 in Karnataka. The company not only drilled bore wells in Karnataka but also in other parts of India and overseas. Till date the company has more than 35000 bore well points successfully by DTH (Down the Hole) Rigs starting from Pneumatic till today's latest AUTO LOADER HI POWER RIGS

Commitment To Quality And Excellence

We drill bore wells of various depth ranging from 150 to 2500 feet (163 mm). The company's staff who are very much experienced in the field of drilling are also updated by the constant improvement in the field of drilling are backing the company's WIN-WIN ATTITUDE towards customer's. The company offer's extended service towards customers like water surveyors, Installation of Pumps / Motors and Water Analysis.

Experienced Staffs

The company's drilling activity is monitored by the chairman MR.N.KANNAN KUMAR who has very vast experience in this field with his has thought the establishment was established. He is passionate about the drilling technology. Pillared by his son's with these many years the company has improved a lot in the borewell drilling field. The company has about 250 experienced technical and non technical staff in India. In which 25 are drillers who are having a very vast experience in drilling field and other 225 members are assistants and workers who support the drillers and the company at various stages during drilling of bore wells. Reliable team can make all the difference. The company also extends its service like locating water points by groundwater surveyors (Geologists) who help the customers in deciding the right bore well point.

Quality Policy , Excellence In Drilling

With time-tested technology and reliability. Our capability in meeting the customer demands of water-well drilling is unparalleled constantly upgrading the product line to suit the ever changing water well drilling demands.
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Kannan Borewells
Kannan Borewells
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