Kannan Borewells
Kannan BorewellsKannan Borewells

About Us

The HI-POWER AUTOLOADER RIG has much more advantage's like dust controlling Equipment by automatically injecting water (Triplex reciprocating pump) powered by Hydraulic Motor.

The HI-POWER unit is backed up by our most experienced and technical staff who are very much efficient and co-operative in operating the unit. The Company also run's machineries in over sea's like Argentina, Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Ivory Coast and Many More. The Company's service is approved by TNWB, PHE, MINES AND GEOLOGY, KAIC, BWSSB, KUWSSB and many more.


Today KANNANBOREWELLS has emerged as Bangalore's No. 1 company in water well drilling rigs not only in the state of Karnataka but also in many parts of India and over sea's. The establishment right from past three decades is trying to solve water crisis in Bangalore. The company's significant growth in the field of drilling's has proved to be one of the major customer support. This has been achieved by the quality and services provided by the company to our esteemed customers

Our Motto

Maximum success in the field of water well drilling even in over burden areas. Commitment to quality and excellence. To deliver high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality output and real value for money. Work towards exceeding customers expectations through commitment to excellence, constantly upgrading the drilling rigs to suit the ever changing market demands, trend and setting new benchmark's in the drilling industries.
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Kannan Borewells
Kannan Borewells
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