Kannan Borewells
Kannan BorewellsKannan Borewells

Drilling In Coal , Gold Mnies And Oil Wells

The company has not only achieved in the field of water well drilling it has also extended its service in COAL MINES for extracting coal deposit in many parts of India. In coal mines the drilling operation is carried up to certain depth mainly about 20 to 100 feet and the drill rods are removed these holes are drilled between a distance of 10 to 15 feet as marked by the coal authority and are to blast the holes with the dynamite so that the coal deposit can be extracted easily. The other fields the company has achieved are in the field of Oil wells and gold mines..

The company has drilled many successful oil wells near Mumbai in which the drilling has to be carried out using heavy rotary rigs with double compressor for more pressure and faster drilling. The casing pipe as to be inserted and the inner walls has to be concreted so that no gaps or water layer's gets mixed with the oil. It takes a week long process to complete one Oil well successfully.

The Company's drill rig which is successfully running in lif's near kualumpur in Malaysia for the purpose of extracting gold ore's in gold mines. This show's the company's achievement not only in the field of drilling of water wells but also in other field's of drilling.
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Kannan Borewells
Kannan Borewells
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