KR Drillers

We have highly experienced DRILLING OPERATORS with good knowledge in twin cities drilling.


We have solutions for HARDROCK Drilling, COLLAPSING BOREWELLS and Failure Borewells. We are specialized in 61/2’’and 7’’ dia Borewells drilling with high quality and accurate size and depth.

  • Equipped with IR 415 & IR 427 Ingersoll Rand Compressors.
  • Latest Hydraulic DRILLING RIGS are capable of 1800 ft drilling depth.
  • Highly Skilled Drillers and Operators with more than 15 years Drilling experience in Hyderabad and surroundings.
  • High Quality Drilling Bits with exact Dimensions.
  • Accurate length of Drilling Rods with 15 feet length.
  • High Quality Casing Pipe in 7’’ & 8" dia
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Thank you KR Drillers for your timely work and excellent customer support. We will reccommend your services to others.
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