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What is a Directional Bore?
Directional boring is a method in which a machine drills out a steel rod for a selected area. The final product(water line,pipe,etc.) is then attached to the end of the steel rod and pulled back to the machine. At the end of this rod is a steer shoe that allows the operator to steer the front of the rod in directions called clock positions. If the operator does not want to steer the front of the rod he will then rotate the rod from the machine.

Why should I choose Directional Boring over other methods of installation?
Directional boring allows areas to be undisturbed. It will prevent roots of trees from being cut during trenching applications. Deeper depths can be maintained over open cut operations. Roads and driveways do not need to be open cut. Saves the customer money, time, and in many cases is the only option for project completion through rough and impassable terrain.

Will there be any restoral involved with directional boring?
Unfortunatly directional boring is done with water. Water and dirt make mud. When you directional bore it is important to dispurse the ground soil in the hole to allow the final product to be pulled back. This flow does come out in different locations. Also, the bore machine is like any other heavy machinary and does leave considerable marks. The receiving pit used to connect the final product to the rod also has to be dug, filled, and restored.
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Serving the Southern Wisconsin area for over 50 years
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