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Geo-Thermal or Geo-Exchange Heat Pumps


The terms Geo-thermal or Geo-exchange heat pump systems, refer to the use of shallow (less that 500 feet) thermal, or heat energy stored in the ground as an energy source for heating, or as an energy “sink” for cooling.

The two basic types of systems are “open loop” systems, which use a well or other water supply; and “closed loop” systems which use drilled holes, horizontal trenches, pits, or bodies of water to bury or cover hundreds of feet of plastic pipe.

Drillwell has used a geothermal heat pump for over 15 years to heat our shop in Duncan.  Drillwell has provided drilling services for many geo-exchange projects on Vancouver Island, both open and closed loop systems.  For detailed information on heat pump and geo-exchange technology, please call or email us and/or visit Natural Resources Canada.

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