Drillwell Enterprises Ltd.
British Columbia's Water Well Drilling Specialists
Drillwell Enterprises Ltd.Drillwell Enterprises Ltd.

Exploration Mining

Exploration Mining Drillwell has been involved in drilling for mining and exploration in British Columbia and world wide for more than 20 years. We have done drilling for mineral exploration, mine dewatering, and environmental monitoring purposes.
We have worked on mining projects in South Africa, New Guinnea, Botswana, as well as sites in the Northern and Southern Rockies of British Columbia, and on Vancouver Island.
Exploration Mining Our ability to do mud rotary drilling, air rotary drilling, angle drilling, overburden and rock drilling, and wireline core 3 inch to as deep as 1,500 feet enables us to tackle your toughest exploration mining challenge.
If you require Coal Bed Methane exploration, that is also one of our areas of expertise.
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