Diamond Well Drilling
Diamond Well DrillingDiamond Well Drilling

Well Drilling

Well Drilling Diamond’s drilling department has been a leader in water well construction in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for over 25 years.  Specializing in air rotary drilling, our highly trained staff can drill in any geologic formation.  If our rig can get to it, we can drill through it.

Drilling in the Sierra Nevada Foothills successfully requires various drilling techniques to construct a well in a wide range of terrain. For most of the hard rock formations found in the Sierra’s air rotary drilling is used. In the Sacramento basin, a technique called mud rotary drilling is used.  When drilling through sand or gravel formations, a specialized technique called ODEX drilling is needed to prevent the collapse of the borehole as the well is dug.

Whether you need a new well, or an older well refurbished, give us a call and see what Diamond Well Drilling can do for you!
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Diamond Well Drilling
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