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Well Basics


Today most wells are drilled using the services of a licensed water well contractor. You should look for a contractor who is familiar with the geology of your region.

Geologic conditions can vary greatly within a relatively small area. It is important to choose the best location for your well in order to insure an adequate supply of water and avoid proximity to sources of contamination.

The contractor uses a drilling rig to bore the hole for the well. The upper part of a drilled well is lined with a casing to prevent the collapse of the borehole walls and to prevent contaminants from entering the well. A well seal is used to seal the top of the casing.

A well screen is used in unconsolidated sand and gravel aquifers to prevent excess sediment from entering the well.

Well seals are used in operational wells between the casing and the water supply pipe to prevent contaminants from entering the well.

A pump is needed to move water from the aquifer to the point of consumption. There are a variety of pumps avaiable. The pump may be located inside or outside of the well.

A water tank is usually placed between the pump and the point of consumption. There are a variety of tanks available in different sizes and types.

Wells which are no longer in use should be properly plugged.

More information can be obtained from Wellowner.org .

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