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Water Well Drilling

We are experienced in all phases of water well drillling and installation. We are capable of well construction utilizing either mud rotary or hollow stream auger methods.

In order for a well to be drilled a permit application must be approved by the regional and/or local regulatory agency. In Northwest Florida, wells are permitted by the Northwest Florida Water Management District. After the permit has been acquired work can start on the well.

Environmental Drilling

We are knowledgable in environmental drilling and have been responsible for proper construction of monitor wells at contaminated sites throughout Florida. Gas stations, landfills, and dry cleaners are examples of sites which may contaminate groundwater. Samples taken from monitor wells at regular intervals can be used to detect and measure concentrations of contaminants.

Geotechnical Drilling

Soil and rock samples are often needed for detemining the suitability of a construction site, locating water bearing strata, and locating mineral deposits. At Davis Well we have the experience to utilize a variety of tools for geotechnical purposes, including: split spoon sampler, piston sampler, flight auger, hollow stem auger and core barrel.

Down-Well Video

Our down hole camera is used to visually examine a well, determine casing depths in wells, or to identify obstructions. It is also used to inspect wells for cavities or voids prior to plugging.

Well Plugging

Wells that have become unusable need to be properly plugged in order to prevent contamination of the aquifer. Examples of wells that need to be plugged include, wells in which corroded casings have collapsed, wells in the path of new construction, wells that have been abandoned, and wells that have been adversely affected by storms.

Constant Pressure Systems

A constant pressure water system can help extend the life of a pump and give well owners city-like water pressure. These systems can be controlled either by a valve or electronically. Unlike an older type system, a constant pressure system does not need a large storage tank. For a typical residential system a four gallon pre-pressurized tank is appropriate.

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