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Duane Moyer Well Drilling Inc. was established in 1969 and through three generations we have been on the cutting edge of well drilling, maintenance, and water conditioning using modern and state-of-the-industry equipment.

Well Drilling Tips

Select an established, reputable water well drilling contractor.

Locate your well based on site conditions keeping in mind the combination of sanitation, wellhead protection, and convenience for maintenance and repair.

Even though there are no state standards for water well construction of unregulated water wells, the well should be constructed using materials that meet or exceed the recommended standards for community water supplies. It would be advisable to consider the use of grouting along the well casing to more effectively seal the annular space.

Do not use a well pit.
The well casing should extend at least 12 to 18 inches above final grade and the top of the well should be sealed with a secure and vented well cap.

Following drilling and development, the well yield should be estimated and a pump and pumping rate should be established not exceed the capacity of the well.

Old drilled wells, cisterns, or hand dug wells should be properly abandoned to avoid groundwater contamination.

When requesting bids for well drilling construction, request information and specific information on the quality and durability of the materials being used, copy of the drillers liability insurance, and listing of references (individual homeowners and business).

Following drilling and development, the water well should be shock disinfected, flushed, and tested to determine the microbiological quality of the water. It would also be advisable to have the well tested for specific nuisance contaminants and the general water quality. The actual listing of testing parameters will be based on the surrounding land-use and nature of the aquifer.

The casing and well cap should be composed of corrosion resistant material, PVC casing is not recommended for residential water wells.

Upon completion of the drilling and final well construction, the well driller should provide a detailed drilling log and well construction log. This information should include a description of the unconsolidated and consolidated material, location of water bearing zones, estimated yields of each water bearing zone, estimated yield, pumping test data, static and dynamic water level, and pump placement.

Do not simply select the lowest bidder. It is critical that you compare the type and strength of the metal casing, method used to connect the steel casing, and experience of the drilling contractor.

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