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Geothermal Systems

The Geothermal system is three times as efficient as any other heating system. Unlike oil, propane, gas or electric resistance, the geothermal system moves energy rather than producing energy or heat, via combustion or resistance. Geothermal heat pump systems have efficiency levels of 300 to 400 %, which far exceed natural gas furnaces. A geothermal system has no combustion component, the system requires no chimney, there is no concern about carbon/monoxide poisoning, and the heating/cooling system costs 30 to 70 % cheaper to operate than other heating systems.

Geothermal systems provide space conditioning -- heating, cooling, and humidity control. They may also provide water heating by preheating water going into the water heater. Geothermal systems work by moving heat, rather than by converting chemical energy to heat. The system works by using the "natural or ambient temperature" of the subsurface, i.e., "The Earth", to both heat and cool your home.
In the heating mode, heat is extracted from the fluid in the earth connection by the geothermal heat pump and distributed to the home or building -- typically through a system of air ducts. Cooler air from the building is returned to the geothermal heat pump, where it cools the fluid flowing to the earth connection. The fluid is then re-warmed as it flows through the earth connection.

cooling mode

In cooling mode, the process is reversed. The relatively cool fluid from the earth connection absorbs heat from the building and transfers it to the ground. In cooling mode, heat is extracted from the home and transfered to the "Earth", via the heat pump and "earth connection". The warm air from the building is returned to the geothermal heat pump, where it warms the fluid flowing to the earth connection. The fluid is then re-cooled as it flows through the earth connection.

The geothermal system has three major subsystems:

heating mode

  • 1) a geothermal heat pump to move heat between the building and the fluid in the earth connection;
  • 2) an earth connection for transferring heat between its fluid and the earth; and
  • 3) a distribution subsystem for delivering heating or cooling to the building.

Duane Moyer Well Drilling has the capability of assisting in providing the necessary "Earth" connection that your system needs. We can assist in the construction of the necessary "Earth" connection for a closed loop or open loop geothermal heating/ cooling system.
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