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Bharani Borewells  is the prominent Borewell Drilling firm in Bangalore has completed a large number of Borewells for domestic, industrial and agriculture requirements. We execute Drilling of Borewell by Hand Augur, Calyx, Rotary and DTH Methods.

Drilling of Borewell by Hand Augur, Calyx, Rotary and DTH
Hand Augur
 is the most suitable for sandy and highly loose formation with probable occurrence in coastal areas where quality of water can be monitored while drilling and representative soil as well as water sample that can be obtained by constructing effective Borewells and Tube Wells.

Calyx Drills are used in sedimentary and clayey formation occurring mostly in river Alluvium or river banks. To develop a large diameter Tube Wells with gravel /graded pebble packing.

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Borewell Drilling
Borewell Drilling  
We are offering services of borewell drilling , water borewell drilling, commercial borwell drilling,
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Water Pumps  
A leading company offers water pumps installation services that includes submersible pumps installation
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