Well Rehabilition

Well Rehabilition

* Mineral scale deposits Slime bacterial growth
* Physical cleaning of wells

A specific amount of chemistry is required to dissolve a certain amount of scale, therefore it is beneficial to physically remove as much scale as possible prior to chemical treatment. Less product would then be required and it allows chemicals to more easily penetrate into the formation. Sonic jetting, dry ice, and high energy air pressure are methods used to fracture hardened scale. These procedures are often used only on large-diameter wells because of the costs involved. Refer to manufactures recommendations and use qualified personnel to handle explosives. Another method to remove debris from the inside of the screen is to use a wire brush. This can be made easily with 1/4 to 1/2. steel cable cut slightly longer than the inside diameter of the casing, and welded horizontally through a piece of pipe with drilled holes for stability. All debris should be bailed or airlifted out of the well prior to chemical treatment.
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