Micro Tunneling

Micro Tunneling

As the need for utility service line replacement or repairs with minimum disruption to the surface have increased, so has the demand for trenchless excavation methods, in particular, microtunneling. Microtunneling is a trenchless technique that is used to install new pipelines. Microtunneling can be applied in gravity and pressure lines, permanent ducts for cables, and crossings under rails or roads. It involves the use of remotely controlled, guided pipe-jacking process that provides continuous support to the excavation face.
We undertake Micro Tunneling projects by HDD method (Horizontal Directional Drilling).

The Process of Micro Tunnel starts with knowing of the under ground utilities etc. by using the techniques for subsurface investigation and characterization and how these are best applied to micro tunneling. This sub-surface information is then used in designing, specifying, planning, and costing for Microtunnel projects.

We have by our experience from the projects executed by us developed techniques to mitigate anticipated and unanticipated problems & also we take care of the Alignment Control of the tunnel in the HDD method of Micro-Tunneling.

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