ARUL MURUGAN Borewell is an established borewell contractor based in Chennai city, Tamilnadu, India. Arul Murugan Borewell is run by well experienced people since 1982. Arul Murugan Borewell completed more than twenty five thousands of borewell for domestic, industrial and agriculture requirements in and around Chennai. For all your borewell, plumbing & rain water harvesting needs you can feel free to contact Arul Murugan Borewell


Borewell Drilling Contractors & Plumbing Works Undertaken Rain Water Harvesting Scheme Also done Highly Professional Method
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About Us

MBC & ROA Regd. No. 131/96


The company is engaged in drilling activity since 1982 and got very much experience in the field not only in CHENNAI, till date the company must have drilled more than 25,000 points successful


Today ARUL MURUGAN BOREWELL is the leading company of water well drilling rigs in the state of CHENNAI. The company has experienced significant growth and improvement over the past years, which clearly demonstrates, our commitment to excellence. This has been achieved because of our superior product quality, continuous Relationship and Development and the good will of our esteemed customers.

Quality Policy

  • World class Technology.

  • Pioneers in borewell industry.

  • To give world class drilling to meet the customer needs and to strive for continual improvement.

  • We offer the Bore Well drilling for various dimensions aith depth ranging from 150 to 1000 FEET.

  • We are backed by committed and dedicated staff, who are being updated with all the relevant technologies.

  • We also help you out for good Water Surveyors, Installation of Perfect Motor /Pump.

  • Water Analysis and creating awareness about Water Harvesting Pit.

We have highly experienced drilling operators with good knowledge in twin Cities drilling.


Our Speciality

We have solutions for HARD ROCK drilling, COLLAPSING borewells and failure borewells. Right fom the beginning ARUL MURUGAN BORE WELL started its operation by Pneumatic Rig to the latest High-pressure, Super fast, Hydraulic Rig both on surface and in well by 4 ½ ", 6", 6 ½ ", 8", 10" 12" 16"18"bore wells. 4 ½ " 6 ½ " drilling is the common drilling size in CHENNAI. Our Unique right in time and on sight service allows to leverages local competencies and Our to offer global competitiveness to our customers.

  • 100% Assured Success.

  • The impossible is made possible here.

  • To deliver high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality output and real value for money.

  • Work towards exceeding customers expectations through commitment to excellence and setting new benchmarks in the drilling industry.

  • Our communication to excel is made work of perfection.

  • We assure you timely device round the clock.
Experienced Staff

The company has got about 50 dedicated technical and non-technical staff, out of which 15 members are with technical background ,who are drillers here. Other staffs including assistants and workers are about 85 members, who support the technical drillers and the management at various levels.We have also Groundwater Surveyors, who assist the customer in deciding the bore-well point.
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