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Joint Simulator Bench 3860

BLM Joint Simulator Bench 3860
The BLM Joint Simulator Bench 3860 provides maximum tool evaluation flexibility. DC electric, clutch, impulse and battery tools as well as torque wrenches can be evaluated. The hydraulic brakes simulate the behaviour of a real joint, reproducing the stiffness from hard to soft. This allows the tool to be tested in accordance with VDI/VDE 2647. Machine capability (Cm, Cmk) can be tested quickly and easily under real shopfloor conditions without the need to run tests on the product on the line that would interfere with production.
- Large LCD touchscreen, intuitive and easy to use.
- Efficient hydraulic pump fills the pressure accumulator in just 15 seconds reducing battery drain.
- Innovative braking system with three patents for tool joint simulation. The patents are:

  • Innovative cylinder/actuator
  • Thin steel disk for very low inertia
  • Brakes are in carbon and work in oil
    for very smooth action Connector panel manages all operator connections such as external in-line torque transducers, printers, Ethernet, USB and serial.
    BLM Joint Simulator Bench 3890
    The BLM Joint Simulator Bench 3890 is specially designed for heavy duty applications such as testing production torque tools in the tool crib. It has the same characteristics as the BLM 3860 but is also fitted with a cooling system.
    ISO test fixture
    This optional fixture can be provided with the Joint Simulator Bench to make torque wrench testing easy and accurate. With dial indicating or electronic wrenches, it is easy to maintain the desired torque with this fixture. During click wrench testing, the fixture reduces operator influence and allows the final torque to be approached slowly and smoothly as recommended in the ISO 6789. The fixture can be extended out from the Joint Simulator Bench to match the length of the torque wrench being calibrated.
Joint Simulator Bench 3860
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