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Quality Assurance in Tightening

A loose or improperly tightened joint in any assembly operation can cause serious problems and have far-reaching consequences for end-users and manufacturers alike.
To ensure the right quality of your company’s products, Atlas Copco has developed a comprehensive quality assurance system to meet torque, angle and pulse measurement requirements for all types of fastening tools.

Analyzers used by controlling tools and tightening comes in various steps with different functionality.
The ACTA 400 provides you with “Easy to use” torque measurement equipment, which is the perfect solution if you do not need a complete tool management system.
The ACTA 3000 enables you to perform a full range of functions, from simple torque checks to advanced graphic tightening analysis. It comes in different models to cover all your needs, and is upgradeable.
The BLM 5000 Dual Analyzer is the optimal tool with two simultaneously read input channels, the user has the ability to evaluate two tightening operations at the same time.

Together with the software ToolsTalk, the user gets a complete quality management system! This system will automatically give you information when the tools are due for calibration based on time or on number of tightening done with each tool. It has complete tools and tightening database. With the ToolsTalk ACTA software you have a complete quality management tool at your. Quality management has never been easier!

Further, the BLM Joint Simulator Bench 3860 provides maximum tool evaluation flexibility. DC electric, clutch, impulse and battery tools as well as torque wrenches can be evaluated. The hydraulic brakes simulate the behaviour of a real joint, reproducing the stiffness from hard to soft. This allows the tool to be tested in accordance with VDI/VDE 2647. Machine capability (Cm, Cmk) can be tested quickly and easily under real shop floor conditions without the need to run tests on the product on the line that would interfere with production.

Quality Assurance in Tightening
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