Pioneers and the largest manufacturers of uPVC column / Drop / Riser pipes in IndiaPioneers and the largest manufacturers of uPVC column / Drop / Riser pipes in India
UPVC Solvent weld Plumbing SystemsPipes for Submersible PumpsPioneers and the largest manufacturers of uPVC column / Drop / Riser pipes in India

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 CPVC Pipes  
CPVC Pipes The company has diversified into new range of Hot and Cold water CPVC piping systems catering to the evergrowing plumbing market in the Indian building construction industry. For this the company has already entered into an agreement with world renowned manufacturers of CPVC compound, M/s Lubrizol Inc USA.


Advantages :
» No Scaling, Pitting or Corrosion
» Ideal for Hot and Cold Water applications
» Energy & Cost Saver
» Tough and Reliable
» Retards Bacterial Growth
» Best Suited for Extremes of Indian Climate
» Aesthetic Installations
» No Electric Source Required for Installation
» Made from NSF approved material


Range and Standards
ASHIRVAD FLOWGUARD™ CPVC pipes & fittings meets the requirements of ASTM D-2846. The pipes are produced in SDR 11 & 13.5 and fittings are produced in SDR 11.

Higher sizes 2 ½" to 4" pipes in Sch 40 & 80 as per ASTM F441 and fittings in Sch 80 as per ASTM F 439.

SDR-11 pipes are rated at a continuous working pressure of 400 psi at 23°C and 100 psi at 82°C. SDR-13.5 pipes are rated at a continuous working pressure of 320 psi at 23°C and 80 psi at 82°C. Margin of safety is provided, should unusual short-term conditions be encountered above these levels.

Excellent Chemical & Corrosion Resistance Qualities

Ashirvad CPVC Pipe do not breakdown even under the harshest of water conditions so that there is none of the purity worries from corroded metal Pipe or soldered joints. Ashirvad CPVC Pipes keep pure water pure.

Even after years of use in the most aggressive service conditions, Ashirvad CPVC piping do not corrode, standing up to low pH water and coastal air exposure which is laden with salt and corrosive soils. Ashirvad CPVC pipes stay as solid and as reliable as the day it was installed. It maintains full water carrying capacity because there is no scale build up causing water pressure loss.

ASHIRVAD FLOWGUARD CPVC fittings are injection moulded and are available in full range from :
1) Sizes ½" to 2" in CTS (Copper Tube Sizes) as per ASTMD 2846 pipes in SDR 11 & 13.5 and fittings in SDR 11
2) Sizes 2 ½" to 4" A) Pipes in Sch 40 & Sch 80 as per ASTM F 441 B) Fittings in Sch 80 as per ASTM F - 439
Quality Control Procedures:

For Pipe

1. Dimensional Tests: To ensure that all dimensions confirm to appropriate standards.
2. Flattening Test: Sample pipes are compressed to check that despite compression, they do not crack.
3. Burst Pressure test: Ensures maximum internal pressure to be over three times normal pressure rating for the pipe.
4. Drop impart Test: Ensures weights dropped on to the pipe, without cracks or failures.
5. Heat Reversion Test: Ensures residual stresses are left in the pipe after the pipe is produced.

For Fittings

1. Dimensional Test: Ensures correctness of dimensions in wall thickness, socket diameters and to ensure that socket depths as per relevant standards.
2. Burst Pressure Test: Ensures maximum burst pressure of fittings must be over three times the normal pressure rating.

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