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Treadle Pumps


Treadle Pumps

Treadle Pumps
  1. Simple design for convenient installation, usage and transportation from one site to another.
  2. Suitable for irrigation of up to 0.5 hectares of land.
  3. Easy foot-operated suction pump, comfortable stepping motion with minimum effort.
  4. Fully Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Body, piston cups/seals of nitrile rubber, treadles and baseboard of good quality painted wood.
  5. High capacity pumping with 2 cylinders for continuous flow of water from ground level to depths upto 7 meters.
  6. Capable of pumping from 5000 litres of water per hour.

M.S. Fabrication and Galvanizing

M.S. Fabrication and Galvanizing AOV has diversified, in a big way, into Mild Steel fabrication and hot dip galvanizing of various steel structures etc.
We have, state of the art, hot dip galvanizing facility and have the requisite expertise and infrastructure to execute various orders/jobs as per requirement of our clients.

At present, we are engaged for such work, by various government and private organization in the railways, telecommunications and power sectors etc. etc.

Shallow & Deepwell Hand Pumps

Shallow & Deepwell Hand Pumps
Pump Type : India Mark II Extra Deep well Hand pump as per Bureau of Indian Standard Specifications with 63.5mm dia cast iron brass sleeved cylinder assembly.

Recommended for water level setting depth (metres) : 45-90 Meters.

Minimum ID of bore (milimetre) : 100 mm

Approximate Discharge (Litres/Hour) : 720 mm

Cyclinder Stroke Length 100 ± 4 mm

GI Riser Pipe = 32 mm NB * 3 meter length


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