Type of Ice Packs AIP-3 AIP-4 AIP-6
Model AIP-3
Material HDPE(1) HDPE(1) HDPE(1)
WHO PIS Reference number E-5/24 E-5/25 E-5/26
Size 0.3 Litres 0.4 Litres 0.6 Litres
Volume of Ice Per Pack 0.305 Litre 0.355 Litre 0.570 Litre
Approx. External Dimensions(WxDxH) 163x91x33 mm 165x96x33 mm 191x122x35 mm
Weight Empty 75 gms 76 gms 110 gms
Weight Filled 380 gms 430 gms 680 gms

Type of Ice Packs AIP-3 AIP-4 AIP-6
Conforming to WHO/UNICEF Specifications E5 IP.2 E5 IP.2 E5 IP.1

Shipping Dimensions
Type of Ice Packs AIP-3 AIP-4 AIP-6
Quantity in each carton 240 240 160
Gross Weight 22 Kgs 21 Kgs 20Kgs
Size of carton 83x74x23 cms 83x74x23 cms 67x64x32 cms
Volume of each carton 0.14 CBM 0.14 CBM 0.14 CBM
No. of Units per 20' container 50,400 48,300 35,000
No. of Units per 40' container 100,800 96,000 70,000