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Cold Chain Equipment ( C E & W.H.O APPROVED ) / Medical equipment.

Vaccine Carriers Ice Packs Cold Boxes (Long Range) Cold Boxes (Short Range) Hub Cutter
Cold Chain Equipment is the lifeline for heat-sensitive vaccines and is essential for transportation of these vaccines from the place of manufacturing to the place of field storage and final carriage to the place of immunization. Thus, CFC-free cold chain equipment ensures a pre-determined safe temperature range (-3 to + 10 C) for a particular period known as cold life of the product. The cold life period varies according to the product classifications made by WHO i.e for large equipment like cold boxes, the cold life is high whereas for small equipment like vaccine carriers the cold life requirement is less.

WHO has formulated rigorous test procedures for maintenance of cold life and for overall strength of the equipment and its fittings, to withstand various rough field usage conditions.

The equipment has to undergo tests like drop test covering 26 drops (all sides, corners and faces) of the box to ensure compliance with rigid WHO standards and requirements. WHO approval is accorded only after successful clearance of all tests by the test laboratories.

AOV International is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company manufacturing a wide range of CFC-free Cold Chain Equipments as per WHO specifications and standards. The range of Cold Chain Equipments has been type-tested at WHO test laboratory namely M/s PSB International, Singapore. our Cold Chain Equipment is approved by WHO and also by other UN organizations. AOV has the requisite manufacturing and testing facilities thereby ensuring quality production as per the stringent requirements of WHO. The equipment is selected on the bases of parameters and per the specific requirements of buyers. Our Cold Chain Equipment is at par with international standards.

Vaccine Carriers

Type of Vaccine Carrier Small Vaccine Carrier (Short Range): AVC-24 Small Vaccine Carrier ADVC-24 Large Vaccine Carrier AVC-44
Model small vaccine carriers
small vaccine carriers ADVC-24
large vaccine carriers
WHO PIS Reference Number E-4/89-M E-4/90-M E-4/91-M
Vaccine Storage Capacity 0.86 Litres 0.90 Litres 1.6 Litres
Weight Fully Loaded 2.0 Kgs 2.4 Kgs 4.2 Kgs
Weight Empty (with empty ice pack) 1.0 Kg 1.4 Kgs 2.2 Kgs
External surface material HDPE(1)
(High Density Polyethylene)
(High Density Polyethylene)
(High Density Polyethylene)
Internal lining material HIPS(1)
(High Impact Polysterene)
(High Impact Polysterene)
(High Impact Polysterene)
Insulation material CFC-free Polyurethane CFC-free Polyurethane CFC-free Polyurethane
Insulation thickness 20/25 mm 32/36 mm 35/40 mm
Approx.External dimensions (WxDxH)* 21.5x14.5x18.5 cms 25.0x18.0x21.0 cms 25.0x25.0x30.0 cms
Approx.Internal dimensions (WxDxH)* 16.8x9.8x12.0 cms 17.0x10.0x12.0 cms 16.5x16.5x22.0 cms
Vaccine Storage dimensions 16.8x9.5x5.3 cms 17.0x10.0x5.3 cms 10.0x10.0x16.0 cms
Lid Type and Fixings Removable Removable Removable
Number of Ice Packs required 2 2 4
Number of Ice Packs supplied 2 2 4
Ice Pack Type (PIS Code) E5/IP.2 E5/IP.2 E5/IP.2
Volume of Ice Pack 0.40 Litres 0.40 Litres 0.40 Litres

Type of Vaccine Carrier Small Vaccine Carrier (Short Range): AVC-24 Small Vaccine Carrier ADVC-24 Large Vaccine Carrier AVC-44
Conforming to WHO Specifications E4/VC.0 E4/VC.1 E4/VC.2
Cold Life Requirement as per WHO at 43 C + 1C without opening Minimum 8 hrs. Minimum 16 hrs. Minimum 24 hrs.
Actual Cold Life without opening at 43 C + 1C as tested by WHO approved Testing Lab, PSB Singapore 14 hrs. 1 min. 19 hrs. 25 mins. 40 hrs. 19 mins.

Shipping Dimensions
Type of Vaccine Carrier Small Vaccine Carrier (Short Range): AVC-24 Small Vaccine Carrier ADVC-24 Large Vaccine Carrier AVC-44
Quantity in each carton (Nos.) 12 12 8
Gross Weight (approx.) 14 Kgs 21 Kgs 20 Kgs
Size of carton (W x D x H) (approx) 48x45x42 cms 54x54x46 cms 52x52x63 cms
Volume of each carton (approx.) 0.09 CBM 0.13 CBM 0.18 CBM
No. of Units per 20' container 3600 2508 1152
No. of Units per 40' container 7200 5016 2432

Plese Note : Vaccine carrier Models ADVC-24 and AVC-44 can also be supplied with 0.3 Ltrs. Ice-Packs, with marginal reduction in cold life corresponding model numbers would be ADVC-23 (cold life 18.5 hrs.) and AVC-43 (cold life 37 hrs.) respectively.
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Cold Chain Equipment ( C E & W.H.O APPROVED ) / Medical equipment India

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